The Tired Warrior at Rest

30 July 1881 - 06 August 1881

On Monday, August 1, 1881, James White got a severe chill and did not rally the next day. Tuesday night Ellen also was attacked with chills and was very sick, being unable to sit up.

On Wednesday when Dr. Kellogg came over he proposed that they both be removed to the sanitarium where they could be given better treatment. A mattress was placed in a hack, James and Ellen were laid side by side (for the last time), and thus they were taken to the sanitarium.

On Friday Dr. Kellogg informed Ellen that James inclined to sleep and that danger was apprehended. She was immediately taken to his room, and as soon as she looked upon his countenance she knew that he was dying.

So on Sabbath afternoon, August 6, 1881, James Springer White breathed his life away, without a struggle or a groan.

The funeral was set for Sabbath, just a week after James's death. Through the week Ellen White's health and strength dipped to an all-time low.

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