Vermont: Conference and Baptism

27 December 1867 - 30 December 1867

Thursday morning, December 26, James and Ellen White and John Andrews hastened on to northern Vermont, where a conference was to begin in West Enosburg Friday evening in the church close to the A. C. and D. T. Bourdeau homes. A. C. Bourdeau reported in the Review that in the evening, after the Sabbath, 150 participated in the "ordinances of the Lord's house."

Monday morning the meeting commenced with a good interest. The good work progressed till two o'clock p.m., when by request of Brother White, six long seats near the pulpit were vacated and then filled with those who during these meetings had decided to make a new start for the kingdom. . . .

These were examined one by one and received into the church by vote as candidates for baptism; and just before the setting of the sun, when the thermometer stood at 20 degrees below zero [ñ29∞ C], we went down to the branch nearly one mile [two kilometers] from the meetinghouse, where I stepped down from the ice into a clear stream of water and baptized eleven, among whom were my aged and respected father and mother (RH, Jan. 21, 1868).

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