The Vision Gives Answers Respecting James' Illness

Recounting the experience many years later, Loughborough declared:

As she related the vision to us, she said: "Satan's purpose was to destroy my husband, and bring him down to the grave. Through these earnest prayers, his power has been broken" (PUR, Nov. 21, 1912).

Ellen had been caring for James for more than four months, but neither she nor the others had witnessed the progress for which they had hoped and prayed. Why? And what did the future hold? The answers came in the vision: "I had an encouraging view of the case of my husband, the particulars of which will be presented hereafter" (RH, Feb. 27, 1866).

I was shown that God had suffered this affliction to come upon us to teach us much that we could not otherwise have learned in so short a time. It was His will that we should go to Dansville, for our experience could not have been thorough without it (1T, pp. 614, 615).

I have been shown that Satan is angry with this company who have continued for three weeks praying earnestly in behalf of this servant of God, and he is now determined to make a powerful attack upon them. I was told to say to you, "Live very near to God that you may be prepared for what comes upon you" (PUR, Nov. 21, 1912).

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