The War Excitement Impetes Evangelism

The perplexities incident to the war increased as the rate of the bounty was raised, necessitating still heavier calls for means from Seventh-day Adventists. Workers in the field reported difficulties in connection with attempts in evangelism. William Ingraham reported that the Illinois tent was laid up because it was useless to pitch the tent in new fields during the war excitement (RH, Aug. 19, 1862). In Iowa J. H. Waggoner and B. F. Snook were arrested under martial law and detained till they secured a certificate from the county judge "setting forth their place of residence, their present occupation and calling." The judge advised them to repair immediately to their homes, as they would be daily more and more liable to troubles and difficulties (ibid., Aug. 26, 1862). From Rochester, New York, M. E. Cornell reported:

The war excitement was so great we had to adjourn for two nights. Our tent was used for the war meetings. I never saw such an excitement as there is here in Rochester. The streets are blocked up with the tents of recruiting officers. The stores are all closed up 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., and all are trying to induce men to enlist. War meetings every night (ibid.).

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