Willie's Bout with Pneumonia

07 February 1864 - 13 February 1864

In February 1864, Willlie was stricken with pneumonia. About two months earlier his brother Henry died of this dreaded disease. This time Ellen and James decided that they would not send for a physician, but do the best they could by the use of water, and entreat the Lord in behalf of the child.

The anxious parents watched over him day and night until they were both nearly worn out. In a dream God assured Ellen that the crisis has pased and Willie will come up speedily, for he has not the injurious influence of drugs to recover from. He also told Ellen about the importance of fresh air to sick persons. The next day the fever left Willie and he appeared quite well.

What contrasting, thought-provoking object lessons James and Ellen White had experienced in just 11 weeks! Now, more than ever, they knew that they must dig deep, learn how to combat disease, and discover sound dietetic principles