If Ellen White's writings are inspired, why are her books copyrighted and sold? Shouldn't her books be given away?

Thousands of Ellen White's books are given away. In such cases, however, some person or group has donated funds to cover the printing costs--just as copies of the Word of God are circulated freely only by means of the generosity of others. When one bears in mind that Ellen White herself underwrote the costs of preparing book plates, illustrations, and translations, not to mention the costs of producing the book manuscripts themselves, it does not appear unreasonable that she should expect to cover those expenses through the regular mechanism by which most authors are remunerated--royalties. In addition, copyrighting a book provides a protection for maintaining the accuracy of the text. Today, there are continuing expenses incurred in maintaining Ellen White's original manuscripts, preparing new publications, including CD-ROM products, and other materials pertaining to her life and ministry.