Was Ellen White of mixed-race ancestry?

The question you have asked has been around for a long time, principally, I think, because certain pictures of Ellen G. White portray her with features that resemble those of people of African descent. And, indeed, at some point such a background may be shown to be true for her. But for now, no one has been able to demonstrate an African or Native American component to her ancestry.

Elder Charles Dudley has been working diligently on this. He finds people of mixed heritage who bear various versions of the name Gould (Ellen White’s mother’s maiden name, and Ellen White’s middle name) living in Delaware, New Jersey, and some other places, if I recall correctly. But he hasn’t been able to demonstrate a blood link from Mrs. White to them. Though he remains convinced that these are Ellen G. White’s “cousins,” the genealogical tie has yet to be demonstrated.

For a report on the latest research and for the White Estate’s conclusion, see the statement titled “The Genealogy of Ellen G. White—an Update,” available on the Ellen G. White Estate Web site.