Will the Democratic Party enact the Sunday laws?

Both of these claims are false. One of them has been listed among the “apocryphal quotations” of Mrs. White’s since the 1960s, when the three-volume Comprehensive Index to the Writings of Ellen G. White was published. In the back of volume 3, in appendix C, you will find that list of apocryphal quotations. We took that list and added some more to it for our Web site. Under “Issues & Answers” on our main menu, we have a section called “Statements Mistakenly Attributed to Ellen G. White.” Here is the entry from that location for one of your questions: “Political Party or Family Name of Last President of the United States. Reports that Ellen G. White indicated directly or indirectly the family name or political party of the President of the United States at the time of earth’s closing scenes are pure fiction.”

The other claim, which Mrs. White said that the last president of the United States would be born in a foreign country, is equally fictitious.