E-Mail with some information with details to the grave of J. N. Andrews and J. H...

E-Mail with some information with details to the grave of J. N. Andrews and J. H. Waggoner. Page 1 <|>"Friedhof" is the german word for cemetery; J. N.

Andrews died in October 1883 and was buried at the Basel Kannenfeld Friedhof without any memorial stone; In 1889 some Adventist leaders decided to put a memorial stone in Kannenfeld Friedhof; You ancestor Joseph Waggonner came from the USA and worked at the Adventist publishing house in Basel at this time; In April 1889, he finished his book "From Paradies to Paradies" and wanted to publish it in London; The night before his trip to London he died and was discovered in the following morning; Joseph was buried next to John Andrews in Kannenfeld Friedhof; His name appeared on the same memorial stone as it was the same year 1889 when the stone was erected; In the 1950s Kannenfeld Friedhof was destroyed; Unfortunately the Swiss people generally do not use to keep the bones more than 30 years in their cemeteries. Unless the grave belong to rich families: it is called "perpetual concession"; At this time the Adventist leaders were totally unable to find the bones of their pioneers, Andrews, Waggonner and other people such as Andrews daughter, Edith died in 1885; They founded the original stone that had been transferred in Wolf Friedhof cemetery, a famous on in Basel. The fact that it had been transferred reveals that this stone had been considered as an important one by the people in charge of the cemeteries in Basel. Maybe because on the size: 2 meters high, that is normal today, yet not in the 1950s in Basel. It is here in Wolf Friedhof you may see the memorial stone in 2006. <|>


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