Ellen G. White addressing children at Sanitarium Church-school picnic, St. Helena, California, June 15, 1913

Letter: C. C. Crisler to W. C. White, March 27, 1916

Bro. A. D. Fowler, the San. nurse who a few months ago returned from Australia, brought down a picture a few days ago, an enlargement of one he had snapshotted of your Mother while she was speaking to the children at a Church-school Picnic, June 15, 1913 - while we were both in the East, attending the General Conference. The picture looked natural enough to be worth while, and I asked him for a copy for myself and one for you. I am sending you the same under separate cover. My copy is a little smaller in size (this is an enlargement, of course, of a small kodak picture); sometimes I think the smaller size is better, and sometimes I think the larger size better. I have purchased this negative, for a dollar, thinking you would wish to have it within your control in future. I imagine that a real artist-photographer could produce a really good picture from it. It seems to be rather the most natural of all the recent pictures - not very good, perhaps, for publication, but precious to those who were close to her in her old age.
Fowler's camera had a very high-grade lense - a "GRAPHLEX," I understand - and this is why he could get such a picture while your Mother was speaking. Fortunately her mouth was closed when the snap was taken. One of the children present is to be traced in the haze to the right of the head. I will not attempt a long letter this morning. We are in good health, and of excellent courage. I am not planning on having the Malachi and Messianic matter ready before your return, but hope to have it by that time. Brother James' leg is much better, and he is able to do some plowing now, much to his delight. With love, Yours as ever, Clarence C. Crisler.


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