Ellen G. White with family and "Elmshaven" helpers, St. Helena, California, August 24, 1913

Standing: Bree, Maggie Hare Bree, Mary Steward, Paul Mason, A. W. Spaulding, Helen Graham, Tessie Woodbury, Carter, May Walling, Effie James; Seated: D. E. Robinson, Elderer Munson, Ellen G. White, W. C. White, C. C. Crisler | W. C. White letter to: Wilbur C. Foss - August 3, 1916:

Enclosed in the little book "In Memoriam", I am sending you a photograph
of Mother surrounded by her workers and the members of her family. The
gentleman to the left of Mother is Elderer R. W. Munson, a returned missionary
from Singapore, who was helping us select from her writings material for
translation and publication in the Malay language. The gentleman to the left
of Elderer Munson is Elderer D. E. Robinson, Ella's husband, who was then on
Mother's literary staff. To the right of Mother I am sitting and next to me
sits Brother C. C. Crisler, who for fourteen years was in Mother's employ.
Standing imediately back of Mother is Paul Mason, her bookkeeper. To the
right of Brother Mason is A. W. Spalding, who was then employed writing a book
regarding educational work in the Southern States. Immediately back of me
stands Miss Lillian Graham, a stenographer; next to her stands Miss Tessie
Woodbury, the cook. The gentleman next to her is Brother Carter, janitor,
gardner, and office helper. Back of Brother Crisler stands Miss Walling,
Mother's nurse. The last lady to the right is Miss Effie James, a stenographer.
Back of Elderer Munson stands Mary Stewart and Miss Maggie Hare Bree, who were
employed on Mother's literary staff. The last gentleman to the left is Mr.
Bree, the farmer.
I will also send a photograph of a group taken in the summer of 1906.
This shows Mrs. Workman , my second daughter and her husband standing back of
me and Mrs. Robinson, my eldest daughter, and her husband standing back of
my wife.
As I am writing there lies before me on desk a little booklet entitled
"The World War," which is a report of a lecture given by A. G. Daniells in
Portland, Maine. I think you will be much interested in reading it.
Yours very truly, W. C. White


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