Church Discipline

The action of the church in dealing with erring members. After every effort to reclaim an erring member has failed, and discipline becomes necessary to preserve the reputation of the church, two procedures are open: a vote of censure or a vote to disfellowship (to drop from membership). A vote of censure is taken when the offense is considered serious enough to warrant the disapproval of the church but not grievous enough to warrant loss of membership. It is intended to impress the member with the need of amending his or her life and to grant a period of time to do so. This action may be taken at any duly called meeting of the church, and the offending member may be present. A member is placed under censure for a stated period of time, during which he or she cannot hold any church office, ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.