To Seventh-day Adventists the question of visions has a unique interest because they hold that Ellen G. White received visions from God. In her earlier experience the visions more often occurred during her waking hours, varying in duration from a few minutes to nearly four hours. At such times much was revealed to her. She received her first vision during waking hours in Portland, Maine, in December 1844 (see 1T 58–61). Her last open vision occurred in a public assembly on the Portland, Oregon, campground in June 1884 (see General Conference Bulletin [1893], pp. 19, 20). At the same time, all through this period and continuing on until Mar. 3, 1915 (see Review and Herald 92:24, Mar. 25, 1915; 92:3, Apr. 15, 1915; MYP 287), Mrs. White received visions, or prophetic dreams, in the hours of...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.