The Youth´s Instructor

(1852–1970; weekly; RH ; file in RH , with exception of vol. 4, 1856; vol. 5, 1857; vol. 36, 1888; vol. 37, 1889; vol. 37, 1889, in Ellen White Estate, Inc.). A 24-page paper for readers aged 16 through 30. Beginning. The Youth’s Instructor was launched by James White as an eight-page monthly in August 1852. He had announced the forthcoming paper in this way: “We design publishing a small monthly paper, containing matter for the benefit of the youth. And we are satisfied that our brethren and sisters will agree with us, that something of the kind is very much needed. The children should have a paper of their own, one that will interest and instruct them. “We intend to give four or five lessons, in the form of questions and answers, in each number, one for each week for Sabbath-Scho...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.