1. 254. The Time of the End (DF 39)

    22. July 1880
  2. 256. Now I Know (DF 193-C)

    The Report of the Building Committee for the "Pitcairn."
  3. 257. Literary Societies (DF 436-C)

    04. January 1881
  4. 258. Regarding Christmas (10-D-1)

    18. January 1881
  5. 261. Obituary of Hiram Edson (18-A-6)

    21. February 1882
  6. 262. Should Christians Dance? (10-F)

    28. February 1882


Rational Remedies for Disease (DF 111-J)

Christmas at the Tabernacle (10-D-1)

Ellen G. White, circa 1880

The Time of the End (DF 39)

Ellen G. White at the Hornellsville, New York, camp meeting, September 1880

Now I Know (DF 193-C)

Literary Societies (DF 436-C)

Regarding Christmas (10-D-1)

Andrew O. Olsen taken about 1882

Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church (9 volumes in 4). Mountain View, California: Pacific Press, 1882-1909. (DF 107)

Obituary of Hiram Edson (18-A-6)

Should Christians Dance? (10-F)

Medical Gymnastics or Swedish Movements (34-L-1)

Inducements to Workers for the Signs of the Times (31-A-18)

E. R. Jones, c. 1883

Edith Sprague, cir. 1883

Arthur Henry 15 1/2 years, Charles Ernest - 14 years, George Howard - 6 1/2 year...

A. S. Hutchins, c. 1883

Sojourner Truth (DF 574)

Death of Sojourner Truth (DF 574)

Sabbath Meals at Campmeeting (DF 163-C)

Meats Clean and Unclean (22-F-3)

Sabbath-School Collections - Are They Wrong (25-J-2)

Ellen White's first Paper Credential

An Advertisement for "Sketches from the Life of Paul", by Ellen G. White (DF 51-M)