Shouldn’t we be preaching the Adventist “pillars”?

What is Ellen White's most popular book?

How could Ellen White endorse what the Bible condemns?

Can we trust the compilations?

Health and Diet

Miscellaneous Statements

Have the most important books Ellen White wrote been changed?

Did God give Ellen White the very words He wanted her to write?

Who will comprise the 144,000?

Will Jesus’ last mediatorial work be to save the children of believers?

Was the tower of Babel built to escape another flood?

May we eat fermented foods and mushrooms?

Failed Visions

Did Ellen White say chocolate is OK?


Were Ellen White’s visions the result of epilepsy?

Did Ellen G. White teach that Jesus will return at the beginning of the seventh millennium?

Did someone sneak Trinity statements into Ellen White’s books?

What did Ellen White say about the wearing of jewelry?


Do I have to stop eating meat to be saved?

Was Ellen White a prophet like those who wrote the Bible?

Has the time come for us to stop using dairy products?

Are the modern Bible translations dangerous?

May we celebrate Christmas?