1. 101. Ellen White

    (1827-1915). Cofounder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, writer, lecturer, and counselor to the church, who possessed what Seventh-day Adventists have accepted as the prophetic gift described ...
  2. 102. James White

    (1821-1881). Co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was born in Palmyra, Maine, Aug. 4, 1821, in a family of pioneer New England stock. ...
  3. 103. Dudley Canright

    (1840-1919). A onetime Seventh-day Adventist minister and writer who renounced his church affiliation and acquired prominence as the champion of theological opposition to SDA teachings. ...
  4. 104. John H. Kellogg

    (1852-1943). Surgeon, inventor of surgical instruments, pioneer in physiotherapy and nutrition. He was born on a farm in Tyrone township in Livingston County, Michigan, one of 16 children. ...
  5. 105. Mary White

    (1857-1890). Editor. She began working at the Review and Herald publishing house at the age of about 13, first in the bindery, then in the composing room and the proofroom. ...
  6. 106. Daniel Bourdeau

    (1835-1905). Evangelist and missionary, brother of A. C. Bourdeau. At 11 years of age he joined the Baptist Church, and at 16, with his brother, attended a Baptist French language institution at Grand ...
  7. 107. Joseph Waggoner

    (1820-1889). Evangelist, editor, author. He attended school for only six months, but was indefatigable in private study. ...
  8. 108. Maria Huntley

    (1847-1890). Leader and instructor in lay missionary work. Born in a pioneer Seventh-day Adventist family at Washington, New Hampshire, she became secretary of the South Lancaster, Massachusetts, Vigi ...
  9. 109. Lucinda Hall

    (1839-1929) She was born January 14, 1839, and passed away on January 25, 1929. She was the eldest of six children born to Ira and Rhoda Abbey. Hall became a Seventh-day Adventist at an early age. ...
  10. 110. A. Bourdeau

    (1834-1916). Pioneer French language evangelist, brother of D. T. Bourdeau. Born in Canada, he was reared in Vermont; at 12 he joined the Baptist Church and became a promising preacher, working chiefl ...
  11. 111. James E. White

    (1849-1928). Second son of James and Ellen White. At the age of 15 Edson was employed at the Review and Herald office, of which his father was founder and president. ...
  12. 113. William Ings

    (d. 1897). Publishing house worker, minister. He was born in Hampshire County, England, but grew up in the United States. ...
  13. 114. Charles Jones

    (1850-1936). Publishing house manager. Previous to joining the Review and Herald at Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1871 and running the first power press operated by the Seventh-day Adventist denomination ...
  14. 115. Alfred Hutchins

    ( fl. 1885). Pioneer minister and conference administrator. For some five years prior to joining the Adventists in 1852, he had been a Freewill Baptist minister. He was ordained together with J. N. ...
  15. 116. Mary Clough

    Ellen G. (Harmon) White´s niece. Daughter of Caroline Clough.
  16. 117. Mendel Israel

    (1834-1921). Evangelist, missionary. Born in Nova Scotia, he moved in his early 20s to New England, and in 1858 to Oregon. ...
  17. 118. Mary Foss

    Sister of Ellen Gould (Harmon) White. She was living in Poland, Maine with her husband, Samuel Foss.
  18. 119. May Walling

    A niece to Ellen White and Addie Walling's sister.
  19. 120. Mary Chase

    A Sister of James Springer White.
  20. 121. Buel Whitney

    (1845-1888). One of the pioneer Seventh-day Adventist workers in Europe. He was born in Vermont and at the age of 12 moved to New York with his parents, where soon afterward he, his mother, and his br ...
  21. 123. Charles Stone

    ( d. 1883). Secretary of the General Conference, editor, teacher. He was a teacher (presumably of business subjects) for some 13 years in the Eastern states and also studied singing in Boston and New ...
  22. 124. Goodloe Bell

    (1832-1899). Educator and author. He was born, the eldest of 12 children, at Watertown, New York, and studied at Oberlin College. At 19 he taught his first country school, but overwork placed him in t ...
  23. 125. George Colcord

    (1843-1902). Educator, administrator. He was the founder of Milton Academy (1887) in Oregon, a forerunner of Walla Walla College (1892), and also of Graysville Academy (1892), which developed into the ...


Ellen White

James White

Dudley Canright

John H. Kellogg

Mary White

Daniel Bourdeau

Joseph Waggoner

Maria Huntley

Lucinda Hall

A. Bourdeau

James E. White

Jenny Ings

William Ings

Charles Jones

Alfred Hutchins

Mary Clough

Mendel Israel

Mary Foss

May Walling

Mary Chase

Buel Whitney

A. Oyen

Charles Stone

Goodloe Bell

George Colcord