1. 127. William Healey

    (1847-1932). Evangelist, administrator. In 1874 he began preaching in California and for many years was an able and successful evangelist. ...
  2. 128. John Loughborough

    (1832-1924). Pioneer evangelist and administrator. He first heard the present truth preached by J. N. ...
  3. 129. Minerva Chapman

    (1829-1923). Financial administrator; treasurer of the General Conference (1877-1883); editor of the Youth’s Instructor (1875-1879, 1884-1889). ...
  4. 130. Henry Holser

    (1856-1901). One of the early church administrators in Europe. He was born in Michigan, and at the age of 18 joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ...
  5. 131. John Corliss

    (1845-1923). Evangelist, missionary. Left fatherless at 5, young Corliss developed an independent mind that later helped him in his pioneering work. ...
  6. 132. Niels Clausen

    (1851-1925). Minister, editor. Born in Denmark, he emigrated to the United States at the age of 19. He attended Battle Creek College (1874-1877), preached in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska, and was ord ...
  7. 133. John Nevins Andrews

    (1829-1883). First Seventh-day Adventist missionary sent to countries outside North America. He was born in Poland, Maine, and died at Basel, Switzerland, at the age of 54. ...
  8. 134. Robert Kilgore

    (1839-1912). Evangelist, administrator. Returning home from an army captaincy in 1865, he found his parents observing the seventh-day Sabbath, and soon joined them. ...
  9. 136. George Amadon

    (1832-1913). Publishing house worker. He was educated at Oberlin College, joined the Review and Herald office when it was in Rochester, New York, and moved with it to Battle Creek in 1855. ...
  10. 137. Sidney Brownsberger

    (1845-1930). Educator, administrator. Graduate of University of Michigan (1869), he was the first principal of Battle Creek College (1874-1881), and also of Healdsburg College (1882-1887). ...
  11. 139. Marian Davis

    (1847-1904). Secretary to Ellen White. Prior to 1879, when she entered the employ of Ellen White as a literary assistant, she taught a country school for a short time, and worked as a proofreader in t ...
  12. 140. Wolcott Littlejohn

    (1834-1916). Minister, author. He was educated at Kalamazoo College and the University of Michigan, but left the latter in his sophomore year because of an infection in the eyes, which left him totall ...
  13. 141. Sara McEnterfer

    (1854-1936). Companion and editorial assistant to Ellen White. She became a Seventh-day Adventist when 20 years of age, attended Battle Creek College in 1876, and later worked at the Pacific Press. ...
  14. 143. W. Grainger

    (1844-1899). First American Seventh-day Adventist missionary to Japan, minister, teacher, and college president. ...
  15. 144. E. Miller

    (1855-1900). Educator. In 1879 he received the first degree ever granted by Battle Creek College. He then taught in that institution until 1892, when he was called to take charge of the college in Cla ...
  16. 145. Henry Decker

    (1837-1926). Administrator. Son of a pioneer Baptist minister in Wisconsin, he accepted the Seventh-day Adventist faith about 1859. ...
  17. 146. G. Drew

    (1835-1905). Pioneer colporteur and ship missionary in England. He was an Englishman, who, after 15 years as sailor and ship captain, heard the Seventh-day Adventist message and accepted it while in S ...
  18. 148. Anna Loughborough

    Second wife of John Norton Loughborough. She died May 31, 1907.
  19. 149. Richard Coggeshall

    (1845-1930). Publishing house worker. Shortly after his baptism in 1867 he joined the staff of the Review and Herald publishing house as a compositor. ...
  20. 150. Malcom Duffie

    (1844-1919). Member of the “press committee” organized in 1888 to devise and carry out plans for the dissemination of information on civil and religious liberty, the first committee of this kind t ...


A. Burrill

William Healey

John Loughborough

Minerva Chapman

Henry Holser

John Corliss

Niels Clausen

John Nevins Andrews

Robert Kilgore

Adelia Van Horn

George Amadon

Sidney Brownsberger

R. Andrews

Marian Davis

Wolcott Littlejohn

Sara McEnterfer

J. Durland

W. Grainger

E. Miller

Henry Decker

G. Drew

B. Nordyke

Anna Loughborough

Richard Coggeshall

Malcom Duffie