1. 151. Washington Morse

    (1816-1909). Pioneer Seventh-day Adventist minister. He was born and reared in Vermont. While in his teens he united with the Methodist Church, later becoming active in lay work. ...
  2. 152. Abram La Rue

    (1822-1903). Pioneer self-supporting lay missionary in eastern Asia. Born in New Jersey, he spent his early manhood in California and Idaho, where he amassed and lost a considerable fortune in gold mi ...
  3. 153. Dan Jones

    (1855-1901). Minister, conference administrator, and leader of the first group of Seventh-day Adventist missionaries to Mexico. He joined the SDA Church in 1876. ...
  4. 154. Mary Daniells

    Wife of Arthur Grosvenor Daniells.
  5. 155. Horatio Lay

    (1828-1900). Pioneer Seventh-day Adventist physician and editor of the Health Reformer . He was born in the state of New York and reared in Pennsylvania, where he was apprenticed to a physician for th ...
  6. 156. Frank Hutchins

    (1869-1902). Pioneer Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic and medical missionary in Central America. He was brought into the Seventh-day Adventist Church at an early age as the result of tent meetings i ...
  7. 158. Judson Washburn

    (1863-1955). Ordained minister. He entered the ministry alongside his father, C. A. Washburn, in 1884. In 1890 he moved to Washington, D.C., where the work was just opening. ...
  8. 159. Albert Anderson

    (1868-1949). Minister, musician, editor, author. He served with the Echo Publishing Company (Melbourne, Australia) and the Signs Publishing Company (Warburton), becoming editor of the Australian Signs ...
  9. 160. Dexter Ball

    (1851-1906). Pioneer worker in the West Indies; minister. He was the seventh child of a poor farm family in southwestern New York. ...
  10. 161. John Cole

    (1862-1937). Missionary, administrator. He was born in Ireland, but grew up in Nebraska, U.S.A. He entered the ministry in 1884, preaching in the North Pacific Conference (Oregon and Washington), was ...
  11. 163. Lizzie Gregg

    (1875-1957). Departmental secretary and administrator. Born in England, she served as tract society secretary in several conferences in the Australasian Union, as Missionary Volunteer and Sabbath scho ...
  12. 165. Charles Irwin

    (1868-1934). Educator; son of George A. Irwin. He received his A.B. from Battle Creek College (1891), his M.A. from the University of Nebraska (1927). ...
  13. 166. Ellet Waggoner

    (1855-1916). Editor, minister, physician. He was born in Baraboo, Wisconsin, attended Battle Creek College in the earliest years of the institution, and obtained a medical degree from the Bellevue Med ...
  14. 167. Charles Kinney

    (Kinny) (1855-1951). Evangelist. As a youth he worked his way to Reno, Nevada. While there he attended evangelistic services conducted by J. N. ...
  15. 168. August Kunz

    ( d. 1906). Teacher and editor. He was born in Germany and came to America about 1867. His name appears in the bulletin of Battle Creek College in 1879, and so far as is known he taught Hebrew and New ...
  16. 169. William Lenker

    (1864-1945). Colporteur. When 20 years of age and attending Battle Creek College, he was invited by Uriah Smith to devote his life to the colporteur work. ...
  17. 170. Mary Priest

    (1823-1889). Lay worker. She and her husband accepted Adventist teachings in 1842, and soon after the disappointment of 1844 began to observe the seventh-day Sabbath. ...
  18. 171. Ida Rankin

    (1880s). Educator, dean. Born to a Wisconsin family that later moved to Nebraska, Ida pursued her education and became a teacher of some prominence. ...
  19. 172. Harold Richards

    (1894-1985). Radio pioneer, speaker, author. Born in Iowa, he determined as a young boy that he would dedicate his life to the ministry, following in the footsteps of his father, Halbert M. J. ...
  20. 173. Asa Robinson

    (1850-1949). Minister and administrator. Reared in a Christian home in New Brunswick, Canada, he went at the age of 20 to Cornish Flat, New Hampshire, to convince his brother, Dores, who was keeping S ...
  21. 174. Homer Salisbury

    (1870-1915). Educator, administrator, editor. He was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, of Seventh-day Adventist parents. ...
  22. 175. Lorenzo Santee

    (1845-1919). Minister, writer, and poet. At an early age he became a Seventh-day Adventist, together with his parents. ...


Washington Morse

Abram La Rue

Dan Jones

Mary Daniells

Horatio Lay

Frank Hutchins

J. Stockton

Judson Washburn

Albert Anderson

Dexter Ball

John Cole

Arthur Daniells

Lizzie Gregg

Henry Gurney

Charles Irwin

Ellet Waggoner

Charles Kinney

August Kunz

William Lenker

Mary Priest

Ida Rankin

Harold Richards

Asa Robinson

Homer Salisbury

Lorenzo Santee