1. 201. Nelson Town

    (1863-1936). Publishing secretary. After he graduated from the ministerial course at South Lancaster Academy in 1889, his first official position was that of field missionary secretary for the New Yor ...
  2. 202. R. Underwood

    (1850-1932). Evangelist, conference administrator. His father, Alfred B. Underwood, a prominent Baptist preacher, became a Seventh-day Adventist in 1864, and five years later his son, after reading a ...
  3. 203. Isaac Van Horn

    (1834-1910). Evangelist. While teaching school in Michigan, he was influenced by Joseph Bates to become a Seventh-day Adventist. He began preaching in 1863, and was ordained the following year. ...
  4. 204. Albert Vuilleumier

    (1835-1923). Charter member and elder of the first Seventh-day Adventist church in Europe, evangelist. ...
  5. 205. Jean Vuilleumier

    (1864-1956). Editor, evangelist, and teacher. He was born at Tramelan, Switzerland, a son of Albert Vuilleumier, one of the early Seventh-day Adventist believers in Europe. ...
  6. 206. Frank Westphal

    (1858-1944). Pioneer missionary to South America. He was born near New London, Wisconsin. He was converted to the Seventh-day Adventist faith at the age of 19 through the preaching of H. W. ...
  7. 207. Joseph Westphal

    (1861-1949). Mission administrator. He was born in New London, Wisconsin. Converted in 1879, and baptized in Poy Sippi, Wisconsin, by A. D. Olsen, he began his work at the age of 22. ...
  8. 208. Ella White

    Daughter of William Clarence and Mary Kelsey White.
  9. 209. Emma White

    Wife of Edson White.
  10. 210. Henry White

    (1847-1863). Eldest son of James and Ellen White. Born in Gorham, Maine, Aug. 26, 1847, Henry spent much of his early years in the Stockbridge Howland home in Topsham, Maine, as his parents were calle ...
  11. 211. Benjamin Wilkinson

    (1872-1968). Dean, administrator, evangelist, author. Wilkinson was born in Canada and began to study for the ministry at Battle Creek College in 1891. ...
  12. 212. Joseph Bates

    (1792-1872). Mariner, reformer, Advent preacher, one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was born July 8, 1792, at Rochester, Massachusetts, near New Bedford. ...
  13. 213. John Matteson

    (1835-1896). Minister, editor. He was born in Langeland, Denmark, where he had the advantage of a good literary and musical education. ...
  14. 214. Roswell Cottrell

    (1814-1892). One of the early Adventists; writer, poet, minister. He descended from the Huguenots and was born in a Seventh Day Baptist family in the state of New York. ...
  15. 215. Moses Hull

    (1836-1907; fl. 1860). A onetime Seventh-day Adventist minister who defected. In the early 1850s he became a member first of the United Brethren Church and later of the first-day Adventists. ...
  16. 216. William Miller

    (1782-1849). American farmer and Baptist preacher who announced the imminent coming of Christ and founded the movement popularly known as Millerism, or the Millerite movement, characterized by a disti ...
  17. 217. Merritt Cornell

    (1827-1893). Pioneer evangelist on the Pacific Coast. A former Millerite, and then a member of the Advent Harbinger group who taught the “age to come” doctrine (see Messenger Party ), he was won t ...
  18. 218. Annie Smith

    (1828-1855). Poet and editorial assistant. At the early age of 10 she joined the Baptist Church, and became a Seventh-day Adventist in 1844. ...
  19. 220. Hiram Edson

    (1806-1882). A layman (later ordained) of Port Gibson, New York, the pioneer responsible for introducing, among those who became Seventh-day Adventists, the fuller understanding of the sanctuary ...
  20. 221. Freeman Brown

    ( fl. 1843). Baptist minister of Worcester, Massachusetts, a Millerite preacher, and author of Views and Experience in Relation to Entire Consecration and the Second Advent (which was later reprinted ...
  21. 222. Elmer Andross

    (1868-1950). Evangelist and administrator. After engaging in evangelistic work from 1888 to 1894, he served as Bible teacher at Healdsburg College for two years. ...
  22. 223. William Bartlett

    (1870-1947). Minister, missionary, church administrator, editor, and teacher. He was born in London, England, and trained for the law. ...
  23. 224. Johann Bengel

    (1687-1752). German Lutheran theologian, textual scholar, and commentator. He predicted that “the appearance of the coming of Jesus Christ,” the destruction of the beast, and the imprisonment of S ...
  24. 225. Sylvester Bliss

    (1814-1863). Ablest of the Millerite editors, first assistant editor, then editor, of the Millerite journal The Signs of the Times . ...


Nelson Town

R. Underwood

Isaac Van Horn

Albert Vuilleumier

Jean Vuilleumier

Frank Westphal

Joseph Westphal

Ella White

Emma White

Henry White

Benjamin Wilkinson

Joseph Bates

John Matteson

Roswell Cottrell

Moses Hull

William Miller

Merritt Cornell

Annie Smith

J. Aldrich

Hiram Edson

Freeman Brown

Elmer Andross

William Bartlett

Johann Bengel

Sylvester Bliss