Title Date Pages Notes
Great Controversy Between Christ And Satan. The Death, Resurrection, And Ascension Of Our Lord Jesus Christ 1878 392 Pages title of Spirit Of Prophecy, v. 3; 442 p. in subsequent printing.
Greatest Love 82 Pages edition of Steps To Christ.
Greatest Sermon Ever Preached 172 Pages edition of Thoughts From The Mount of Blessings.
Guidelines To Mental Health SEE Mind, Character, And Personality.
Guiding Principles For The Young 12 Pages "quotations from the scripture and the writings of Mrs. E.G. White"; (Missionary Volunteer Series, no.13)
Guiding Principles In Prayer For The Sick 1937 63 Pages compilation; cover title, Prayer For The Sick.
Happiness Digest 1983 64 Pages edition of Steps To Christ.
Happiness Homemade 1971 188 Pages abridged edition of Adventist Home.
Harvest Ingathering For Foreign Missions SEE An Appeal To Ministers And Church Officers. . .
He Taught Love: Jesus' Lessons For Living 1987 93 Pages selected from Lessons Jesus Taught which is an edition of Christ's Object Lessons.
Heal The World: Begin With Yourself 1997 191 Pages a paraphrased, youth edition of Ministry Of Healing.
Health And Happiness 384 Pages edition of Ministry Of Healing.
Health And Healing 1930 8 Pages
Health And Healing: A Treatise On Medical Missionary Work In The Gospel SEE Medical Missionary.
Health Food Ministry 1970 95 Pages compilation; prepared by the World Food Service of the General Conference.
Health Reform And The Health Institute 1872 53 Pages
Health Reformer Articles SEE Ellen G. White Health Reformer Articles.
Health, Or, How To Live 1865 86 p. by Ellen G. White entitled, Disease And Its Causes; amplification of health articles in v. 4 of Spiritual Gifts; also in Selected Messages, Bk. 2, pp. 409-479.
Healthful Living SEE Instruction Relating To The Principles Of Healthful Living.
Heaven 2003 192 Pages compilation; Christian Home Library Series.
Help In Daily Living 1964 51 Pages selected from The Ministry Of Healing.
Here I Am, Lord: Prayers From The Heart Of Ellen White 1996 112 Pages compilation.
Hidden Treasures 1985 (approximation) 288 Pages edition of Christ's Object Lessons.
Highways To Heaven 1952 edition of Christ's Object Lessons.
Hillcrest School Farm, Nashville, Tennessee 1909 37 Pages "Some questions answered and an appeal from Mrs. E. G. White"; includes Manuscript 25.
Historical Sketches Of The Foreign Missions Of The Seventh-day Adventists 1886 294 Pages included by Ellen G. White are Practical Addresses, Notes of Travel, and Appeals For Our Missions (120 p.).
Holy Spirit Versus Selfishness 1896 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 10.
Home And Church School Manual 1900 108 Pages
Home Missionary Work 1905 (approximation) (Apples of Gold Library, no. 90)
Home Missionary Work, An Appeal. 1896 SEE An Appeal To Our Churches In Behalf Of Home Missionary Work.
Home, Church, And State Schools SEE Special Testimonies On Church Schools.
Homemade Happiness 1983 61 Pages abridged edition of Adventist Home.
How To Get Along With Others 1964 32 Pages two chapters from Ministry Of Healing.
How To Live SEE Health, Or, How To Live.
Huntsville School 1909 16 Pages Special Testimonies, Series B, no.12X; "the development and maintenance of the Oakwood Manual Training School, Huntsville, Alabama, for the education of workers to labor among the colored people."
I Will Guide Thee SEE Our First Work.
I Will Raise Him Up 1973 23 Pages selected from The Desire Of Ages.
Idleness 1894 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 3.
Impending Conflict 1936 127 Pages selected chapters from The Great Controversy.
Impending Crisis In The United States 41 Pages selected from The Great Controversy.
Importance Of The Right Example On The Part Of Laborers 1896 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 7.
Important Facts Of Faith In Connection With The History Of Holy Men Of Old 1864 304 Pages title of Spiritual Gifts, v. 3.
Important Facts Of Faith: Laws Of Health And Testimonies (nos.1-10) 1864 318 Pages title of Spiritual Gifts, v. 4.
Important Instruction 1894 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 3.
Important Principles 1885 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 6.
Important Testimony 1903 12 Pages also included is The Work In Greater New York from Testimonies For the Church, v. 7.
Important Testimony [1882] SEE Testimony For The Battle Creek Church.
Improvement In The Work 1894 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 3.
In Heavenly Places 1967 382 Pages devotional book.
In Memoriam; A Sketch Of The Last Sickness And Death Of Elder James White 1881 64 Pages