Title Date Pages Notes
Record Of Progress And An Earnest Appeal In Behalf Of The Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium 1905 78 Pages Special Testimonies Series B, no. 5, 2nd ed.; pp. 31-56 vary in a 2nd edition; "with Testimonies to the church read at Denver (Colorado) camp-meeting held August 17-27, 1905."
Recreation 1912 51 Pages subtitled, An Appeal To Students And Teachers In Our Schools And Employees In Our Sanitariums; A Study For The Young, at head of title; portions later appeared in Counsels To Teachers.
Redemption 1874 8 Volumes 8 pamphlets with unique subtitles; considered a rearrangement of chapters from v. 2 and 3 of The Spirit Of Prophecy; cover title of 2 v. edition: Life Of Christ And His Apostles.
Reflecting Christ 1985 382 Pages devotional book.
Reform Needed 1902 4 Pages article from Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, May 27, 1902.
Relation Of Health Institutions To The Cause 54 Pages
Relief Of The Schools: an Appeal 1900 23 Pages
Relief Of The Schools: Rolling Back The Reproach 1900 30 Pages written by Relief Of the Schools Committee to promote sales of Christ's Object Lessons with quotes from works of Ellen G. White.
Religious Liberty Threatened 1965 76 Pages selected from The Great Controversy.
Remnant Church 1950 72 Pages compilation largely from Testimonies To Ministers.
Remnant Church Not Babylon 1917 (approximation) 32 Pages included in Testimonies To Ministers and Remnant Church.
Removal To Washington 1903 32 Pages includes Ellen G. White material.
Report Of Special Meeting 1898 52 Pages
Responsibility Of A Connection With God's Work 1896 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 6.
Responsibility Of Parents 1894 8 Pages article from Signs Of The Times, March 11, 1886; (Apples of Gold Library, no. 13).
Resurrection Of Christ And His Ascension 1877 80 Pages subtitle of Redemption, no. 6.
Retirement Years 1990 240 Pages compilation.
Return To The First Love 1892 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 2, first and second edition.
Review And Herald Articles SEE Ellen G. White Present Truth and Review And Herald Articles.
Revival And Beyond 1972 64 Pages compilation.
Revival And Reformation 1985 (approximation) 24 Pages two chapters from Selected Messages, Book One.
Rolling Back The Reproach SEE Relief Of the Schools: Rolling Back The Reproach.
Sabbath Joy: Celebrating God's Special Day 1998 112 Pages compilation.
Sanctified Life SEE Bible Sanctification.
Sanitarium Must Not Be Cramped 1907 4 Pages
Sanitarium Patients At Goguac Lake; The Address Of Mrs. White; The New Sanitarium Buildings 1878 27 Pages
Secrets Of Child Training 1983 62 Pages abridged from Child Guidance.
Selected Messages 1958 3 Volumes
Selected Messages Book 3 1980 510 Pages
Selection Of Articles For Our Paper 1899 6 Pages
Selections From Testimonies To The Managers And Workers In Our Institutions 1923 78 Pages
Selections From The Testimonies 1898 40 Pages
Selections From The Testimonies Bearing On Sabbath School Work SEE Testimonies On Sabbath School Work.
Selections From The Testimonies Concerning The Subject Of Education 1886 first book published on this subject; from Testimonies For The Church.
Selections From The Testimonies For Students And Workers Of Our Sanitariums 1911 20 Pages Special Testimonies, Series B, no. 16.
Selections From The Testimonies For The Church 1903 95 Pages subtitled For The Study Of Those Attending The General Conference In Oakland, Calif., March 27, 1903.
Selections From The Testimonies Setting Forth Important Principles Relating To Our Work In General, The Publishing Work In Particular, And The Relation Of Our Institutions To Each Other 1898 40 Pages
Selections From The Testimonies Showing What The Lord Requires Of The Persons Who Are Connected With The Publishing Work 1884 32 Pages from other published sources.
Selections From The Unpublished Writings Relative To Health, Philanthropic, And Medical Missionary Work 1896 (approximation) 55 Pages
Self-denial And Support Of The Ministry 1897 Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 10.
Separation From The World 4 Pages from Testimonies For The Church, v. 6, pp. 194-197; (Educational Series, no. 3).
Separation From The World In Education 16 Pages compilation.
Sept. 24, (1895) Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 9.
Series A SEE Special Testimonies To Ministers And Workers. Series A.
Series B SEE Special Testimonies. Series B.
Sermons And Talks 1970 v. compilation of Ellen White sermons mostly taken from previously unpublished manuscripts.
Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol. 7A 1970 692 Pages includes all the E. G. White quotations included as supplementary material in the seven volumes of the SDA Bible Commentary plus the E. G. White statements in Questions On Doctrine on Christ's nature, the Trinity, and the atonement.
Short Stories For Positive Christian Living 1952 384 Pages edition of Christ's Object Lessons.
Should Christians Attend Mixed Bathing Resorts And Engage In Worldly Amusements And Recreations? 1929 20 Pages from other published sources.
Should Christians Be Members Of Secret Societies 1893 24 Pages also in Selected Messages, Bk. 2, pp. 121-139; (Bible Students' Library, no. 103).